What Our Customers Say

“I have been doing my health-related shopping at Crystal Lake Health Foods for about 6 years. They have a good selection of products and if I need something special, they are always happy to special order the item for me. The personnel is knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help. I have had only good experiences with all aspects of Crystal Lake Health Foods and I expect to continue shopping there for many years to come! My sincere thanks!”

—patricia, carpentersville

“This is where we go to get my family healthy! We use a variety of supplements from there and essential oils! Every cold season I stock up on goodies from there! And throughout the year whenever we have something going on, we pop in and get what we need! The staff is WONDERFUL! Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly!”

—martha, crystal lake

“I have driven by this place dozens of times over the years and finally stopped in to get some home remedies for the flu. I had already visited two so-called vitamin stores and neither one had what I was looking for. A couple things stood out right away. First, this location is set in a historic building in Crystal Lake, so it's like you're walking into someone's house to buy healthy foods and supplements. It's a little tight inside, but I think that just adds to the character of the place. The selection is diverse and I was able to find the two specific products I was seeking. The prices were high, but what I expect to pay for a specialty product. Please do some research before coming here, so you don't just think you're stepping into an unreasonable price point. Last, and certainly not least is that the customer service and knowledge was above expectation. I didn't get the kind of condescending hippy vibe that can sometimes come from stores like this. On the contrary, the person who helped me was patient, informative, and attentive to my budget constraints. There was no pressure or tendency toward the upsell, even though she politely recommended additional supplements. It didn't feel like a sales pitch, but rather a recommendation from someone who cares. Will be back for sure! And I highly recommend!”

—Brian, Lake in the Hills

“Crystal Lake Health Food store is my favorite. I love the personal attention and the staff is very knowledgeable ... great listeners and always find what I need. I was getting chronic sinus infections (3-4 times per year) and my primary care doctor always prescribed antibiotics. I happened to mention this to Diana, who suggested I might try cutting back on milk, which I did ... and haven't had a sinus infection since (about 4 years now). I love the store.  Everyone there is upbeat, helpful, considerate and knowledgeable.”

—helen, crystal lake

They are amazing! They always have what I am looking for and if not, they will order the items for me. Also, they are very learned so they provide advice for their products and even products they do not carry so I always feel that I am getting great info.